I’m Straight AF, But I’m Not………

This post was inspired by the Coming Out Week that took place last weekend in the whole Netherlands.

Late at night, being unable to sleep like usual, I went to Youtube to watch some videos. After a few videos, I got lost into the beautiful art of BuzzFeed-ing (a.k.a. watching videos by BuzzFeed before bed). To celebrate the “National Coming Out Day”, they decided to make serials of LGBTQ-themed videos in their channels, such as “I’m Bisexual, But I’m Not…”, etc.

I watched the whole video and then it got me thinking, “Why isn’t there an “I’m Straight, But I’m Not…” video?” It got me thinking and thinking and after a discussion with a friend, we both agreed that nowadays LGBT was being over-glorified and being straight was often questioned as “not willing to experiment”.

Now, before you bash me with comments telling that I’m anti-LGBT, please bear in mind that I am all about LGBT equality. I support LGBT and I do think that everyone should be who they are and be proud of it, let alone love everyone they want to.

And hence… I’m straight, and I’m proud of being straight AF.

Okay. So… First question. “Why, do you think LGBT is over-glorified nowadays?”

Ever since the legalization of same-sex marriage in the USA a few months ago, many famous people had started to come out. Even the famous Caitlyn Jenner who used to be Bruce Jenner. Don’t get me wrong, I love how the pride movement is celebrated across the world (even if it’s just a change of law in the USA). However, a little criticism side of me starts wondering if some of these people who decided to come out after the legalization were only seeking for popularity. In short, what if some people used the “coming out” term just for trends and just to boost their popularity because being gay/bi/lesbian is getting popular?

Being an active Youtube watcher, I once stumbled upon a beauty vlogger Youtube page and her video about coming out as a lesbian. After watching some of her videos from the past year (when LGBT was still considered taboo), I found out that she used to make a video that said something about her having a boyfriend. And then it got me confused. The angel in me said, “Well, who knew she was actually lesbian since God knows when but due to social pressure, she decided to keep it down low, and when her country said that she could marry anyone she stormed off to the internet and say “HEY WORLD I AM A FUCKIN LESBIAN AND I LOVE BEING ME!!!!”?”. However, the devil in me took control of the discussion in my head and said, “Well, what if she were one of the girls that got carried away by the trend of “being gay makes you popular because you are a part of the used-to-be silenced voices”? Just think about it…”

Her sudden coming out video is not the only example. I have also seen videos from other Youtubers coming out, years after videos about them implying that they’re straight. Well… After seeing a pattern here, I can’t help not to question their motives; whether it’s purely because of their change of sexual preference or it’s because ahem, to boost popularity.

Second question, “What’s wrong about being straight?”

What’s wrong with being straight and not even wanting to experiment? I am one of those people who are straight AF and is really confident about my sexuality. I am goddamned straight from birth, I have never thought of having a relationship with a girl, yet I respect girls who want to love girls. In my opinion, straight people nowadays are scared to be coined as “anti-LGBT” if they said they were straight, so they tend to categorize their sexuality as “fluid”. I don’t understand the motive behind this “being sexually fluid” thingy… If you’re straight, say you’re straight. If you’re still confused, say you’re confused. In my opinion, there’s no option for “I’m straight but I think anything can happen so yeah I say that I’m pretty much sexually fluid…”. No. If you said that, it showed that you had no control to your body and your sexuality to the public.

Just like what my friend said as quoted, “If this were the idea, then they didn’t want equality, they wanted domination.”. I gotta say that my friend is right. Equality means “I’m comfortable with my own sexuality, you’re comfortable with yours, now let’s put aside our differences and be friends and be tolerant to one another”. Nowadays, it seems like LGBT is the new normal, not that I want to question if normalcy existed in the world; however, if LGBT people could say with pride “I’m gay and I won’t change myself for who I’m not”, how can’t straight people say “I’m straight AF, but I’m not gonna change my sexuality, yet I still support LGBT”?

If you read this blog and you happened to be gay, please consider this… Not every straight people are confused about their sexuality. Some of them are straight and proud (like me) and support your cause, some of them are still confused whether they’re straight or bi/les/gay, and some of them are straight AF and plainly disagree with the idea of same-sex relationship. You’ve got your equal rights, and if you’re the type of gay who liked to “convert” straight people to become gay… please just stop. Quoting from James Bay’s “Let It Go” song: “Why don’t you be you, and I’ll be me”.

With that being said, there are some things I need to say it out loud…

I am straight AF, and I’m not planning to change my sexual orientation.

I am straight AF, and nothing can change me from being straight.

I am straight AF, but I’m not homophobic.

I am straight AF, and I have a lot of gay friends and I respect their choice and lifestyle.

7 komentar pada “I’m Straight AF, But I’m Not………”

  1. the world we live in is a land of confusion, isn’t it?
    at the very least, you can’t be neutral on a moving train. This is the best way to understand some people’s point of view : “when choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I’ve never tried before.”


    1. For me, it’s just a matter of terms. “Apalah arti sebuah nama” xD In my opinion, heterosexual = straight, so I guess we’re on the same page.

      Disukai oleh 1 orang

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