The Weirdest Dream Ever

I have always considered myself to be an agnostic person. I have a religion, but I’m pretty much open-minded to everything. For me, it doesn’t matter if I were religion-less, as long as I had faith on to something, then I’m on the right track. Never have I thought that I would experience this before.

The title above is right. I am not playing games, and I am not telling lies. Why should I make up something, anyway? Okay… here goes.

Last night I had a dream. It was a very surreal one. I dreamed of meeting Jesus.

In my dream, it was a sunny yet chilly autumn day. Me and my other 2 friends had just finished our trip and we just got back to our rented house. We rented a house nearby the forest, but it was not a thick, dense forest. More like the forest I often found in the Netherlands.

We relaxed in our room, a huge square room with three beds. My bed was located at the corner of the room, and I had two windows near my bed. One was behind my bedpost, and another one was on the left side of my bed. Two of my friends were chilling out on my corner. We were looking at the pictures we took, and I was in love with a picture I took deep in the forest. It was a picture of a bunch of fallen leaves.

I felt a little tired, so I decided to lean on the bedpost, while my friends were still around me. Out of nowhere, I took a peek to the window behind me, and that was when I saw Him.

Our bedroom was located at the back side of the house, so my window was facing the backyard. It wasn’t actually a backyard, more like a large field with a few trees and a pathway to the forest. I saw Him walking towards the house through the pathway from the forest. He was wearing His famously depicted red and blue robe. His face was very clean, and He had this brown, shoulder length hair, and for a few seconds, our eyes met. His eyes were very calming, and He had this light surrounding His whole being.

Oh, which reminded me… He wasn’t walking. He was hovering at medium speed, from the forest, towards the house.

I was shocked. Like, utterly shocked. This was more surreal than seeing a hovering ghost. It was Jesus Himself, hovering toward my rented house, and we had a very short eye contact. I felt a weird feeling in my stomach, a mixed feeling between scared and relieved. Relieved? Was He really Jesus? He could be an evil presence who disguised himself as Jesus.

It happened very fast. A few seconds later, I told my friends, “I JUST SAW JESUS GOING THIS WAY, TO OUR HOUSE!” then my friend, who was standing in front of me and facing another window, replied, “I saw someone too, but I saw only a glimpse of him. It’s like he was moving so fast.”

No. He didn’t move too fast. We had eye contact, for heaven’s sake. After that, a few days later, I met my grandma in a hotel, and I told her the whole story of my sudden meeting with Jesus. She was very shocked.

And then I woke up.

It was still 5.30 am when I woke up from the absolutely bizarre dream, and the thought of it kept me awake for about 45 minutes, before finally deciding to go back to sleep.

After fully awake, I decided to tell my friend in Japan about my dream. She was really shocked, just like me, and she said that usually it was a good omen, that I would get blessing out of nowhere, or that my plans would work out well.

Deep inside my heart, I silently prayed that she said the right thing, but actually I felt like He was calling me.

I had been a bad Christian for the past year. I hadn’t gone to church ever since I stepped my feet in the Netherlands, and lately I had been feeling like I had been trying to fight my battle by myself. I usually sat down and prayed to God, just to tell Him about my problems, and after praying I felt better. Nowadays, I tend to leave Him and tend to fight my battle by myself, being super sure that I would finish it by the power of myself only.

It’s like… the relationship between me and God has changed, and not for the better. It’s like I’m getting too far away from Him. Remember the story of the lost kid and the forgiving father? I’m the lost kid, and He’s the forgiving Father.

I felt like He was calling me through that dream, reminding me to get back on the right path again. I don’t have to go to church, but I feel like this is His calling for me to pray. About everything. About my problems, about my friends, about myself, etc. Moreover, I’m having a few problems here and there, so I think this is one of the way of life’s calling for me to get closer to God again. Reassembling the connection I once had with God, as well as making peace to myself that I have been a bad Christian for the past months and trying to rekindle my faith.

So… even though I still think that it’s still weird that I dream of meeting Jesus, now I must be sure that this is His way of calling me back.

11 komentar pada “The Weirdest Dream Ever”

  1. I’ve had an experience like this before.. Bukan mimpi tapinya..
    I was having a lot of troubles with my studies a couple of years ago and certainly was feeling so lost and confused about life, faith, belief and in general have been away from God for a while..

    Satu hari pas lagi jalan sendirian di centrum, ada cowo yang manggil, gue juga lupa dia nanya apa. Kalo ga salah “Are you a christian?” Cowo ini sama temen2nya lagi bagi2in flyer untuk gerejanya dia.
    I took the flyer but essentially, I brushed him off… Kept going with my day..

    Pas malemnya, gue kepikiran tentang apa yang terjadi.
    Did he see through me? Apa gue waktu itu ngasih vibe yang “I’m feeling super lost right now.” Waktu itu centrum lagi rame banget kenapa dia pilih untuk nanya itu ke gue ya? Emang saat itu gue lagi stress banget sih, kok dia bisa tau ya? Of my experience, I think it was His way of reminding me “Whatever your trouble is, I’m still here for you”

    I don’t think you should ever feel like you’re a bad christian 😉 We do go away from our supposed path sometimes.. But that’s just because we are only human.. And like you said, He is forgiving of that 🙂

    Biasanya kejadian2 kaya gini munculnya pas kita lagi stress2 gitu deh.. Saat kita lagi butuh panduan dan pegangan dalam hidup. Dan kadang kita perlu diingatkan, “Semua ada ditangan Tuhan.”
    I don’t know exactly what problems you have right now but I hope things are going to be better 🙂


    1. Iya banget sih Liv. Belakangan ini gue banyak masalah. Tesis, ujian, blm lg rencana mau stay disini. Dan gw jd overwhelmed. Tp gue ga berdoa, malah ngandelin diri sendiri.


  2. Such a powerful dream! You shouls consider yourself lucky that He came to you almost directly, maybe He was just reminding you that He is always there for you :’)


  3. Happy to read this post.. Artinya Tuhan masih peduli tall. Call to Him and he will make your path straight.. Kdng gw juga suka males doa dll. Andelin kekuatan sendiri sampe cape.. Dan pas doa, somehow jd lebih relax dan semua bs jalan satu2.. Hehe. Jiayoo btw buat thesis dll.nyaa 🙂


    1. Hai Jen. Iya, sepertinya begitu. Aduh ternyata tuh ya, kemarin gue kan doa setelah mimpi itu, terus pas hari Sabtunya salah satu doa gue dikabulin dong…


      1. Wahhh.. Emang suka ga di sangka2 sih tuhaann.. Kdng suka express, kdng suka di jawab when you already tired and when u least expect it. Haha


      2. Nah pas kemaren gw beneran udah pasrah mau jawabannya apa. Eh ternyata gak disangka2 malah terjadi aja gitu.


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