Boating With Colleagues

Last Friday was one of my happiest days that I have been waiting for since a month ago. My office held a yearly Summer Event and we spent it by boating by the Vecht river. Last year we went to Walibi (an amusement park).

We went by train (some by car) to our new office. It was quite far from my house, around 1 hour 30 minutes travel door to door. We would move out to this new office location in a month, even though the renovation was not complete yet. It is said to be completed on January 2019.

After the office tour, we headed out to the marina. It was a 20-minute ride from the office, to another town by the lake. When we arrived there, we were greeted by welcome drinks, coffee and tea, before departing to our boat.

Finally we went to the boat. It was a medium-sized yacht. Inside the yacht, we had a small table for drinks and foods, as well as a cooler. Drinks and lunch were served on the boat while we were sailing. I had different kinds of sandwiches.

Speaking of the view, it was amazing! The area where we sailed was supposed to be a rich area, so I could see big detached houses backyards, facing the river. There were also small cabins, reminded me of cute The Sims 4 houses.

I also experienced how “sluis” or “lock” (bahasa Indonesia: pintu air) worked. It is a man-made water system to control the depth of two different rivers (I am sorry if my translation isn’t correct). I don’t know how to explain the system, but I think Wikipedia can help you if you would like to know more. It was an exciting experience how the boat suddenly went up and we were on the same level as the ground.

It was a really fun time on the boat. We took pictures, laughed out loud to different jokes, played Heads Up, and my colleague also gave us the winners of the office award. I didn’t get any award but I couldn’t care less :p We also danced to music, drunk beers, had ice creams. The weather was SUPER WARM though, up to the point where we taught each other how to say “It’s so fucking warm” in different languages. Korean was quite hard, and I knew one slang from Malay to express the heat: PANAS GILA BABI!!!

Which made Indonesia’s “PANAS BANGET” looked like shit, no 😂

After five hours on the boat, we finally made it back to the marina. There, a scrumptious dinner awaited us – BARBECUE!!!! I had different kinds of meat, but my favourites were the chicken skewers, sausage, and the lamb rack.

I had to go earlier than my colleagues because it was also R’s birthday, so I wanted to catch him and celebrate his birthday too. I finally went to the station with other 3 colleagues who would also want to go home earlier.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience! It was my first time on a boat in the Netherlands so I felt so excited. I hope next year we would do something more exciting.

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    1. Iya bersih karena ada denda kalau buang sembarangan dan itu sungai/danau rekreasi untuk warga sekitar, jadi orang2 punya kesadaran untuk gak buang sampah sembarangan disitu.


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