Hello! Thanks for stopping by. Allow me to introduce myself and this blog.

Me in form of pointers

  • Married to a Romanian but living in the Netherlands
  • Works in digital marketing as content writer, but studied History in college
  • A vegetarian since 2020
  • Loves 80s music, especially Duran Duran
  • Enjoys vintage, Wes Anderson, and Scandinavian aesthetic
  • Loves cooking vegetarian Asian foods, tofu is my best friend
  • If you believe in MBTI, I am an INTJ. If you love astrology, I am a Gemini. If you’re into Enneagram, I am number 5

Why Kurisetaru, and not Crystadoodles anymore?

Uhhh, because Crystadoodles is a childish name? LOL. I picked a random word and it kinda stuck with the blog. I finally changed it to Kurisetaru because I wanted to have a cohesive name for all of my social media (you can find me with the same name on Twitter and Instagram too).


I choose the vegetarian life in 2020. Together with my husband, we started to eat less meat, and it slowly became a lifestyle for both of us. However, I don’t like preaching about vegetarianism to people, so you won’t find a lot of posts about vegetarianism in this blog. I might share a few recipes here and there, but I will never talk about sht like “why meat is bad for you” or “why you should go vega(n)”.

My youth

I was born in Palembang but raised in Jakarta by my grandparents. They took me in because my mom passed away 9 days after I was born and my dad was still starting his first job in Palembang. He was in the picture, though.

Being raised by grandparents means that I have an old soul. I listened to Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Everly Brothers, ABBA, and Boney M when I was a teenager. When I was 13 years old, I found out about Duran Duran and they became my favorite band until now. I was born and raised Protestant, joined plenty of church activities in my youth, but now I don’t practice anymore.

Video games

I have always enjoyed gaming since I was a young girl. My first time playing video games was playing Super Mario Bros with my Aki (my grandpa from my mom’s side). Then my Opa (grandpa from my dad’s side, the one I lived with) bought a Playstation for me and the rest is history.

I’m glad my husband also likes playing video games. At home, we have a PS 5 and a Nintendo Switch. I enjoy playing open-world and action-adventure games such as Assassin’s Creed (especially Odyssey and Valhalla) and Uncharted. I’m also into relaxing cozy games like Animal Crossing, Two Point Hospital, and Stardew Valley.

From historian to content writer

They both have one thing in common: writing. I thought I wanted to be a lecturer after I finished my Master’s degree. However, career paths change, and now I am a content writer for a mobility brand.

I have always been interested in writing and human psychology; how people get inspired by ideas through reading a text. That’s my goal in my career: to produce a text that is not only performing well but also giving an impact to the readers.

30 komentar pada “About”

  1. Hi Crystal! Salam kenal ya. Nama kita mirip hehe dulu kalo ngenalin diri sering ditanya “Kristal?” trus aku bilang “Christa, ngga pake L” hahaha ;)))) nice blog btw 🙂


    1. Wah hai Christa! Aku pas sekolah juga punya temen namanya Christa dan kita suka diledekin… manggil “Crystaaaaa…….l” gitu. Hahahahah salam kenal dan makasih udah mampir ya 😀


  2. Halo, salam kenal dari Jakarta! Saya juga kadang lebih prefer mengetik daripada berbicara langsung, suka tidak lancar soalnya saya agak suka gagap :haha.

    Wah, Belanda! Negeri yang punya ikatan kuat banget dengan Indonesia. Keren sekali bisa trilingual dan menempuh pendidikan di sana :)).

    Saya izin berkunjung dan baca-baca ya, Mbak :)).

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

  3. Salam kenal, ya Mbak. Kalau sudah mengucapkan itu rasanya enak kalau mau komen-komen gitu.

    Oh iya, mau tanya bahasa Prancis sama Belanda menurut mbak susah mana? 😀


    1. Halo salam kenal juga! Terimakasih sudah mampir. Untuk aku pribadi lebih susah Prancis sih hehehe


  4. Hai Crysta, salam kenal yaa. Aku barusan nemu blog kamu dan langsung baca hampir semua post, sampe post2 lama juga hehe. The weird thing is, di hampir setiap post aku mikir, “Iya banget nih!” sambil ngangguk2. Jadi ngerasa ngebaca isi otak sendiri. Anyway, I’m glad I found your blog 🙂


  5. Salam kenal mbak Crystal..
    lagi blogwalking, nyasar ke blog kece gini.. 😄😄
    Wah studi di Belanda ya mbak, keren..
    Sukses trus mbak..


  6. hi mba cyristal… salam kenal ya.. baca blog mba enak ya.. serasa lagi berjalan di Belanda sendiri..
    kalau mau kerja disana ada batasan usia gak ya? saya sudah 35 thn nih soalnya.. dan applynya susah ga ya?
    makasih ya untuk tulisan-tulisannya


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