Fighting for Freedom at Museum Sophiahof

Learn what freedom means by visiting Museum Sophiahof. Read here for my take on this new museum!

My Fourth Year

Today marks my fourth year of living and moving to the Netherlands. If I were in school, I would be a senior, ready to graduate 😉 Living in a different country for four years surely has changed me in many ways, both physically and mentally. Physically: I have grown my hair and gained a few… Lanjutkan membaca My Fourth Year

Thermal Baths in Budapest

"Budapest is famous for its' thermal baths. Let's go to one!" R gave suggestion when I asked him what kind of places he wanted to visit. It was our first day in Budapest, and as me feeling sorry for dragging him out of Ozora, I asked him first what he wanted to do. I instantly… Lanjutkan membaca Thermal Baths in Budapest

Boating With Colleagues

Last Friday was one of my happiest days that I have been waiting for since a month ago. My office held a yearly Summer Event and we spent it by boating by the Vecht river. Last year we went to Walibi (an amusement park). We went by train (some by car) to our new office.… Lanjutkan membaca Boating With Colleagues

Friendship doesn’t have to be expensive

This post is inspired by an article in Vice (in Bahasa Indonesia) titled "Ongkos Menjaga Pertemanan di Negara Ini Kenapa Harus Mahal Banget Ya?!". You can read the article here. The article left me smiling at the end. I left Indonesia at the age of 24 years old to continue studying. In that age, I had… Lanjutkan membaca Friendship doesn’t have to be expensive

Money and Happiness Factor

Cuma curhatan ngalor ngidul, sih. Pas gue lagi bersepeda pulang beberapa jam lalu, entah kenapa gue kepikiran soal hubungannya jabatan dan level kebahagiaan seseorang. Gue jadi inget pas liburan ke Indonesia, oma gue dan beberapa anggota keluarga pasti nanya tentang hal yang paling pribadi yang ogah disebutkan keras-keras: gaji per bulan. "Kamu digaji berapa per… Lanjutkan membaca Money and Happiness Factor