Reflections: Indonesia

This is the second and last part of the two-part "Reflections" series; posts that concludes my holiday. Last time I went to Indonesia, it was around 2 years ago. I spent a good 3 weeks there. It wasn't a good holiday at all. I just graduated from Masters Degree and all I felt during my… Lanjutkan membaca Reflections: Indonesia

Reflections: Singapore

This is the first part of two part of "Reflections" series, a live blog during my travels to Singapore and Indonesia. Singapore was a familiar country for me growing up. It was the second country I visited (first being Australia) and the most frequent country I visited when I still lived in Indonesia. I had… Lanjutkan membaca Reflections: Singapore

Stepping Back to Old Singapore

I had always been fascinated with Singapore's old house architecture, famously known for its' vibrant colours and old Chinese-Malay styles. However, I always got no time to wander around town and look for such houses. This visit to Singapore is a special one because for once I manage to drag my ass to Everton Park,… Lanjutkan membaca Stepping Back to Old Singapore

Online Dating, is it bad?

So, consider this as a part two of my last post where I talked a lot about the letter from the 2014 Crystal to 2015 Crystal. It was a post in Bahasa Indonesia, but if you'd like to read it, you can access it through this┬álink. In the letter, the old Crystal gave wise words… Lanjutkan membaca Online Dating, is it bad?

The True Definition of “Girl Squad”

A few years ago, one of my favorite singers launched her album called '1989'. Yes, it was Taylor Swift. Along with her fresh music in her new album, she also coined a new movement which soon became one of the most used hashtags on the digital world, #GirlSquad. It was a term to describe the… Lanjutkan membaca The True Definition of “Girl Squad”

Connecting To The Past, Nieuwe Keizersgracht Style

Soekarno, the first president of Indonesia, once proclaimed an abbreviation that is hold very dear to Indonesians until present day: Jas Merah. It was the abbreviation of "jangan sekali-kali meninggalkan sejarah", in English can be translated as "Never, even at once, leave history behind". It was one of the most famous jargon of the then-president,… Lanjutkan membaca Connecting To The Past, Nieuwe Keizersgracht Style