Online Dating, is it bad?

So, consider this as a part two of my last post where I talked a lot about the letter from the 2014 Crystal to 2015 Crystal. It was a post in Bahasa Indonesia, but if you'd like to read it, you can access it through this link. In the letter, the old Crystal gave wise words… Lanjutkan membaca Online Dating, is it bad?

How NOT to Overshare: Couples Edition

A few months ago I made this post about dating and the tendency for Generation Y people to overshare their romantic endeavors on social media. In that post, I felt sorry for the people around my age who were in a relationship, overshare every moment, and ended up deleting them all once the relationship went downhill, or… Lanjutkan membaca How NOT to Overshare: Couples Edition

Dating, “Generation Y” Style: Should We Go ‘Social Media-official’?

*The author is a young woman born on 1991, thus making her a Generation Y, or "a person who reaches adulthood around the turn of 21st century". Dating has never been easy throughout the ages. A few years ago, the dating scheme would still revolve around questions like "Who pays for the first date?" "Do I… Lanjutkan membaca Dating, “Generation Y” Style: Should We Go ‘Social Media-official’?