How NOT to Overshare: Couples Edition

A few months ago I made this post about dating and the tendency for Generation Y people to overshare their romantic endeavors on social media. In that post, I felt sorry for the people around my age who were in a relationship, overshare every moment, and ended up deleting them all once the relationship went downhill, or… Lanjutkan membaca How NOT to Overshare: Couples Edition

Dating, “Generation Y” Style: Should We Go ‘Social Media-official’?

*The author is a young woman born on 1991, thus making her a Generation Y, or "a person who reaches adulthood around the turn of 21st century". Dating has never been easy throughout the ages. A few years ago, the dating scheme would still revolve around questions like "Who pays for the first date?" "Do I… Lanjutkan membaca Dating, “Generation Y” Style: Should We Go ‘Social Media-official’?